A business management system for welfare offices

About Smile Note

Smile Note is a business management system for welfare offices. Our system was developed to be an easy to use and understand business management system that could reduce the amount of work necessary even a just little, reflecting the comments of staff at group homes and community staff centers of "I wish we could this." Almost all information that needs to be recorded on a daily basis can be managed by Smile Note. Not only daily logs, but data required for grants such as individual support plans and attendance records that tend to have complicated paper forms can be recorded on-screen. Smile Note can be set up so that only office staff have the ability to edit and verify system data. In addition, privileges can be set regarding what can be viewed by volunteers, staff, etc. and face sheet management is planned for the future.

About Security

Much like with paper, important personal information being dealt with over the Internet must be strictly protected. Data exchange is always performed through SSL encryption, preventing the risk of data interception, alteration, and spoofing during transmission. In addition to login IDs and passwords, the Smile Note system will only be accessible from provided key-protected computers, preventing unauthorized access to the system screen. As long as the keys are controlled by hand, the possibility of a third party login is very low, allowing secure record logging.