Fashion-oriented shoping cart system


* Preventing the simultaneous purchase of merchandise as both advance-order item and in-stock item
They can simplify the operation of the advance order associations (reservation associations) that have recently come into popular practice in the world of Apparel.They related that they were working to manage accepting orders for the purchase of both items for general sale already in stock, and newly arrived "reserved items".
* Unlimited photos of merchandise
Product pictures are essential for mail-order fashion. The more pictures of an item a customer can look at (pictures of the item itself, of a model wearing the item, etc., the better they will understand it. Because the fashioncart is not limited to a single item, you can post as many pictures as you need to get the most out of a product.
* Easy size chart creation
You can easily pull information from the size chart matrix (dress length, garment width, shoulder width/S,M,L,XL, etc.) on the management screen and insert it into the size chart on the product details page, which is indispensable for mail-order fashion shopping.
* Enhanced ad management function. World-first support for the single-tag system
fashioncart provides not only functionality as a shopping cart but also advertisement management features, which are indispensable for sales promotion. For affiliate advertisements, which have been implemented by many e-commerce companies in particular, we have provided the industry's first one-tag system, in addition to functionality for supporting the implementation of individual affiliate companies. Because the system enables batch processing for tasks such as billing management, it leads to improvement of operational efficiency and reduction of labor costs in situations where multiple affiliate companies had previously been handled individually. *The one-tag system is a system that enables the operation of a combination of multiple affiliate systems.
*The one-tag system is a system that enables the operation of a combination of multiple affiliate systems.