About Atta.li

Atta.li is an application to save your life-log by checking in "Friends" and "Keywords".
Atta.li helps you to save the log data such as "when and who you met" and "where and how often you have been" etc.
You can get all infomation of your friends at one time by cooperating with Facebook.
Also you can add one by one to your Friend List and Keyword List.
First time you log in Atta.li, there may be some check-in data which your friend shared with you in Timeline.
(You can hide the check-in data.)

iPhone Download on the App Store
Client SpaceShip Inc.
Languages Objective-C
Browsers Support iPhone, iPod touch and iPad compatible with iOS 5.0+
開発のポイント フルスクラッチのスマートフォンアプリ
Our role programming