The NPO FBO certified qualifications (FBO) Kikisakeshi, certification tests and seminars, including the shochu Kikisakeshi, signing up for an event, it is for members online system that can goods purchased in the online shop. In addition, the qualified person search is now possible to search for qualified personnel to hold various certifications.


A wide variety of qualifications, to organize the application flow of events, it has created a flow that can application process simple and smooth. Point are now granted in shopping in application and online shop, such as qualification test. Also, feel free to digital membership card from My page is now available at that to log the direction of members.

Language Java
Our Role Direction, Programming

※ Kikisakeshi, shochu Kikisakeshi. sake service research meetings and Saketakumi Study Group Association (SSI) certification, is the designation qualifications, NPO FBO (FBO) is certified.